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Marketing notes imageAlmost every internet marketeer that you come across will tell you how essential it is to have video on your website. They say it generally makes potential customers stay longer and they may learn more about your goods or services from a video than from reading the words on the pages of the site.

But what web marketeers don’t always emphasise is that a bad video may be worse than not having a video at all.

I was reminded of this after a conversation this week with a guy who came to clean out the gutters on my house. I’d emailed him and his call back had gone to my voicemail. By the time we came to have an actual conversation he knew I was a voice over artist.

The company in question already have a video on most of their pages including their home page – so they already know they need to have a video to reinforce what makes them different from all the other companies clearing gutters.
In this case they: have great attention to detail; provide thorough cleaning, and show you before and after photos so you could see what had been done before agreeing to pay. Plus they have a fixed fee according to the type of property.

Talking to Brent, who’s company it is, he said he’d realised there was something lacking in the existing video and he was planning a new one.
After hearing my voice mail and then talking to me he’d also suddenly wondered about using a professional voice over: which he had not thought of before as he didn’t know how to find and book one.

He said: “Your voice is so clear and also its neutral – there’s no regional accent – which I realise now is important for a national company.”

Brent asked about my rate for the job and was amazed with what I told him.

He said,“On the current video I paid my mate £40 and bought him lunch but by the time I’d paid for three hours in a professional studio as well it was almost as much overall as hiring you! Any you would sound loads better than my mate!”

Brent hasn’t made the new video yet but, when he does, it seems at least I’m in with a chance of providing the narration.

Here’s a example of the kind of video I’ve provided voice overs for

I decided to post the above after an email today from another client of mine Ray Dale, at branding and website experts The Seedmill , where he was talking about the importance of convincing clients to use proper copy writers for scripts and professional voice talent for voice overs and why he thinks it makes a difference.

With website video you need great visuals – well shot and lit and professionally cut together and frequently including music but, in addition, a really effective voice over with a well written script can make all the difference to the effectiveness of the video, to how potential customers respond and so to your return on investment.

As a voice over artist you’d expect me to say this but – I do really think it’s got to make sense to hire a professional who does this kind of work everyday and knows how to bring the script to life, to give personality to your brand – rather than using someone from the office or your mate with a free lunchtime…

So if you are in Brent’s position and need a voice over give me a call!
You can also find loads of voices on websites like

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