A “swift vo” goes on-line

I was getting ready for a directed voice over session with TMP Audio Post Production in Sweden yesterday. I already had the script from the client and was going through marking it up with some notes ready for the session. While I was doing this another script popped into my email inbox from Michiel Koudstaal at Voxcast in Holland.

The subject line just referred to a “swift vo” which it turned out he needed turning round rather urgently.
There was a link to a reference video too so I could get some idea of the tone and style of delivery the client wanted.

BIS - Don't Buy It video image

The VO in the reference video was from the US so I wasn’t sure if they needed an American accent.
I sent a British English read and a sort of American accented read. Mercifully the client went with the British English. Nowhere do I state that I do accents (because its not my skillset) but I still get asked for them. On the other hand volunteering an accent is rather brave (or foolhardy).
The audio file was sent off and I went into my directed session for a narration for a video showing a new piece of military hardware in Sweden.

By the end of the day the video with the Voxcast VO was online. You can watch it here.

The BIS audio was recorded for Voxcast
My other session that morning was with TMP in Sweden

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