Documentary VO narration

I’ve been working again with Nynke La Porte at Izzyworks in Amsterdam. This time she asked me to provide an English voice over narration for two short documentary style films.

The focus of the films is a man called Dolf who has mental health issues leaving him with the equivalent of the mental age of a two year old.  For many years he had a tendency to be aggressive to his carers and his surroundings.  He frequently broke his possessions and carers would only approach in pairs as they felt unsafe with Dolf.  His room was very spartan and everything was bolted down to stop damage.

The films show what happened when the care facility decided to adopt a different approach to Dolf’s care and also to his surroundings – the transformation in his behavior was remarkable.

You can see the first film here:

The second film is here

Chris Radley
Voice OVer Artist

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