You find out about a amazing range of things when you record corporate voiceovers.

Non slip tennis courts; a plastic used in photovoltaic cells; an iphone app that controls wood burning stoves; a machine that measures human body resonant frequencies; a pylon manufacturer in the UAE and and a video explaining how to drive fancy VW cars on rocky terrain – you name it I’ve done the voice over!.  

I hope these blog posts give a flavour of the more interesting voiceover stuff that sometimes comes my way – plus some of the other things I like that I’ve come across in those moments when I’m waiting for the next script to arrive!

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HF Holidays TV ad

VO for HF Holidays TV ad

 February 20, 2018
Towards the end of last year I was booked to record a voice over for a TV commercial for outdoor holiday and activity provider H F Holidays. I recorded the voice over in my studio in a directed ISDN session with Pangaea TV. After the session I sent them the audio file and – as is usually the case in this line of work – I didn’t get to see read more

Certsure logo

New IVR phone messages

 February 20, 2018
I’ve been the on-hold/IVR voiceover for Legal and General since 2013. They are a large well established brand who are involved in supporting many other insurance related brands and so most months I record quite a number of new message prompts for them. This month has been a busy one with, just this week,  a long list of detailed information messages to record. Also this month I have added a read more

BIS - Don't Buy It video image

A “swift vo” goes on-line

 February 10, 2018
I was getting ready for a directed voice over session with TMP Audio Post Production in Sweden yesterday. I already had the script from the client and was going through marking it up with some notes ready for the session. While I was doing this another script popped into my email inbox from Michiel Koudstaal at Voxcast in Holland. The subject line just referred to a “swift vo” which it read more

Focusrite console faders

A dream console for recording studio engineers

 February 8, 2018
As an owner of a small recording studio I have a life-long interest in recording equipment including microphones, tape machines, audio interfaces and, of course, studio mixing consoles.  My attention was recently drawn to an interesting on-line video documentary about one of the legendary brand names in the audio recording business: Focusrite. The video is about the time when Focusrite decided to build no-compromise, large format mixing consoles for the read more

Marketing notes image

Importance of video on websites

 January 30, 2018
Almost every internet marketeer that you come across will tell you how essential it is to have video on your website. They say it generally makes potential customers stay longer and they may learn more about your goods or services from a video than from reading the words on the pages of the site. But what web marketeers don’t always emphasise is that a bad video may be worse than read more

Shipping Forecast Sea Areas

Radio shipping forecast used in short story

 January 29, 2018
As a former radio presenter and long time radio “anorak” I was interested to hear a short story over the weekend on BBC Radio 4 billed as “A continuity announcer veers drastically off course during a live broadcast of the Shipping Forecast”. I like things based on being “behind the scenes” of radio (although often people get it wrong – like Alan Partridge doing live radio links with his head read more

New Look Website for 2018

 December 4, 2017
My website has undergone a transformation today thanks to some great work by web designer Duncan Arrow over the last week or so. After a period of research and planning. The new website was put together offline and modified and tweaked before uploading today. I wanted a website that showcased the voice over work I’ve been doing more effectively. Video is now much more prominent on the home page and read more

Free Press 2017 – video on-line

 November 8, 2017
In early November 2017 I provided the voice overs for a series of videos shown at the Free Press Unlimited journalism awards held in The Hague. The annual awards showcase the best investigative journalism from around the world whilst also providing an opportunity to reveal the risks undertaken by journalists in the course of their work. My voiceover provided announcements for the event’s opening ceremony and introduced the keynote speaker read more

Free Press Awards 2017

 November 6, 2017
For the second year running I was invited by film maker Nynke la Porte at Izzyworks in Amsterdam to provide voice overs for this year’s Free Press Awards – held on the 2nd of November 2017 at the Peace Palace in The Hague in the Netherlands.  It’s an event to celebrate and recognise investigative journalism around the world. It also aims to draw attention to the risks involved for journalists read more

The Maze - film Title credit

New Documentary Voice Over

 June 19, 2017
The Maze is a new documentary for TV and online made by film maker Frederik Moser and blue and green communication. I’ve just recorded some voice over for The Maze where I’m  providing the English translation for German speaker Christian Weichselbaum in an interview.  In the film my first section starts just a few minutes into the 90 mins running time.  So what is the film all about? This is read more

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