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I did my first proper voice over in 1996 while I was actually working as a radio presenter and for many years provided voice overs alongside my radio career.

Since 2010 I have been a full time professional voice over artist.  Each day is spent recording corporate narrations, documentaries, radio ads, on-line videos and training programmes.
I love the recording process and using high quality microphones (of which I have a few!) together with my professional sound booth and other studio equipment to get the optimum sounding performance both for myself and other voice artists.

In the studio I give great attention to detail: any recording I send you will sound clear, crisp and professional.

My focus is to make sure you get exactly the great sounding, well recorded, high quality voice over you want to complete your project.
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I set up my own professional voice over recording studio in 2003 and currently offer you a specialised, high quality spoken-word and voice over recording and production service.

Your project will benefit from my long experience on both sides of the mic – in the booth and on the mixing desk as a recording engineer and producer.


Also – because I have my own studio you can hire me for your voice over and not have to worry about additional studio hire fees.

Call me now with your voice over requirements on 07866 784925 to get a quote.

Hear examples of my voice over work on the “Voice Demos” page.

Rates – how do I book you for a voice over?
You just phone or email me with the details of the job and I’ll get back to you a quickly as I can with a quote.
Every job is different in terms of how long the script is, how long it will take to record and how much editing and production time is needed.

Where and how the final recording is used can make a difference to the fee too – so if you can give me as much information as possible then I’ll be able provide you with a quote and delivery time.

Voiceover rates are generally based on either an all-in project fee or an hourly session rate (BSF).
 Fees for commercials = Equity rates (radio commercials currently charged at the 2017 Equity Rates agreed with the radio industry). eLearning currently charged by the word but with a minimum session fee.
Additional charges for usage fees,  studio production, editing, de-breathing, mixing, ISDN connection call charges etc.

Studio and sound engineering
I have many years of sound engineering experience and am available for freelance location or studio recording and for audio production and sound engineering either in a recording studio or at live events.