When part of your work is recording corporate and explainer video voiceovers you can discover quite a range of things  you previously had no idea existed.

For example non slip tennis courts; a special plastic used in photovoltaic cells; an iphone app that controls wood burning stoves; how to decommission wind turbines; a machine that measures human body resonant frequencies; how to turn a conservatory into an extra room; a water distribution and sewerage company in the desert in the UAE and finding out how to drive fancy VW cars over rocky terrain – you name it I’ve done the voice over!.

I hope these blog posts give a flavour of the more interesting voiceover stuff that sometimes comes my way – plus some of the other things I like that I’ve come across in those moments when I’m waiting for the next script to arrive!

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Aston Element microphone close up Photo by Louis Radley

Broadcast quality home studio

 April 18, 2024
I had been just updating my voice over website when I came across a posting by Voice Actor Clay St Thomas on Linked in. It caught my attention because it was about a form of wording used by many voice artists on their websites and LI profiles – including myself – which referred to “broadcast quality home studio”. Clay took the view that we should stop using this wording because read more

AT8449 Shockmount

AT4033 microphone shockmount elastic repair

 March 13, 2024
I recently mentioned that I had updated my Google analytics tag on my voiceover website.  As a result I discovered a blog post about the Aston Stealth microphone from a few years ago was performing well. Now I have updated my studio website analytics and discovered that a blog post from an even longer time ago is still getting a lot of hits. Back the I wrote about the read more

Aston Stealth side mount

Back to the Stealth…

 February 26, 2024
A couple of weeks ago I installed the code tag for the latest version of Google analytics on my voiceover website and it’s been interesting to look at the data since I did it. I was intrigued by the analytics data on landing pages. Several blog posts come up ahead of the main web pages and in particular 2 really stand out in terms of number of hits and time read more

Audio Technica AT4033 microphone grille close up. Photo by Louis Radley

How to book a professional voice over

 January 30, 2024
If you are planning to use a professional voice-over in a project for the first time you may find the whole process rather daunting.  A recent post on Linked In by voice artist Sarah Bowers makes everything straight forward with a guide to seven steps to booking a pro voice over. Sarah (see photo) outlines the things you want to be sure about when booking a voice over: training, professional read more

Shure SM7dB microphone

50 year old microphone gets an upgrade

 November 6, 2023
One of the regular questions that people new to voiceovers ask when they plan to set up a home studio is – what voice over mic should I use? The advice generally is to get a large diaphragm capacitor mic and a pre-amp/interface to connect to your computer. These mics have an XLR connection and invariably need to receive phantom power from the preamp to make them work. There are read more

Aston Origin microphone

Should a voice over be a lurker?

 October 30, 2023
A recent posting on Linked In resonated with me. It was by a Linked In trainer who works with entrepreneurs – Lea Turner. The posting was about people on social media who go on there regularly and never, or rarely, post anything. That is totally me. The article points out how you are missing out on opportunities to network with and build relationships with people who want the skills that read more

Aston Apex Glass microphone

New mics from Aston

 October 23, 2023
I’m taking my voiceover hat off for a moment and putting on my audio producer / sound engineer hat on. (Metaphorically of course – I would struggle to get my head phones on if I wore a hat).  Anyway there is news from Aston Microphones that I thought I would write about. British based Aston first came to my notice in 2016 when they launched the Origin large diaphragm condenser read more

DAB Radio

Changes in Radio

 October 10, 2023
Until 2010 I was a radio presenter – mostly on local commercial stations. I still take an interest in developments in the world of radio. When I was still in commercial radio there was a trend underway towards increased networking with local stations providing less and less local programming with shows increasingly coming from regional hubs. After I left radio the trend continued to the point now where most of read more

Fido Bug

Fido Bug – VO narration

 September 21, 2023
Here is explainer video where I recently recorded the voice over narration. The video explains how you can use a small device – called a Fido Bug – to help discover and then locate where an underground pipe may be leaking. The bugs can be attached to pipes to listen to the noise of the pipe. A range of quick samples are taken and any “interesting” sound signatures are investigated read more

Blue Yeti microphone

3 voice over things to consider

 June 19, 2023
As my recent voice over blog posts reveal I’ve been spending some time recuperating from eye surgery.  After having to lie on my back all the time for a week (essential apparently for the kind of corneal surgery I’ve just had) I can now get up and spend a little bit of recovery time catching up with articles on the internet before fully getting back to work. Rob Bee (audio read more

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