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I recently recorded a voice over narration for the data management company Enfo. It was a voice over gig I nearly didn’t get. Just after I was originally booked by the production company, just before Christmas, I went down with a horrible cold.  When I told TMP, the production company,  that I couldn’t record on the appointed day they were sympathetic but said the client’s deadline was very tight and they would have to engage an alternative voice artist.
It was disappointing but it’s one of those things that just comes with the territory in this line of work.

To be honest sometimes when I’m getting over a cold and working self-directed I can spend time in the studio doing lots of takes and then after careful editing and applying some judicious EQ, to help the voice over sound more like my usual voice, I can end up with audio that works.

I ducked out of this VO because it was a directed session.  There is no hiding place when you have clients on the line directing you: its quickly clear if you can’t nail the take or if the voice doesn’t sound like the reference reel they’ve chosen off your website. Anyway I wasn’t able to do it so I just forgot about it.

In January 2020  TMP contacted me again to book me for a voice over – again with another directed session.  By this time my cold was a distant memory.  On this occasion TMP and the client were on Skype to direct while I recorded in my studio.  It was only when the client joined the session and asked if I was “better now” that I discovered this was the read I’d had to opt out from weeks before. It emerged that they had recorded the script with another voice artist but were not entirely happy with the result so had come back to record with me.

It was an enjoyable read and recording session – and unusually I had a cut of the video to look at while I was recording – these days for most jobs you don’t generally know what the final project will look look like or what music might be being used.  Which is unfortunate as its a great help when you have one or both as they invariably give the voice artist some idea of the kind of pace and style of delivery that is needed – in this case quite atmospheric and measured.

The video is now on-line and you can see it here

The Enfo video was produced by TMP
Chris Radley – Voice over

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