Voice over narrations in lockdown

As might be expected during the lockdown things have been a bit quieter than normal – but nevertheless I have still had quite a number of voice overs to record. Thankfully I’ve built up, over a number of years, a client base of businesses that come back to use me time and time again. Of course it helps – especially now –  that I have my own professional recording studio and can record there any time.

Recently I was asked to record another module as part of an on-going training programme I have voiced over the last few years explaining the work of the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).   It’s an international supply  chain initiative that supports companies that wish to adopt best practice, and a more responsible attitude,  in relation to labour management and workers’ rights.  It’s a code of conduct  both for the main company and all the others in their supply chain.

This most recent module was about ensuring that child labour is not being used in the supply chain.

I’ve also narrated a video describing how to use a new app designed to assist trades people in the planning and running of their projects on-site.

In addition I’ve been narrating a series of information videos for Xoserve – the company that runs the gas delivery network across the UK.  In the last few weeks I’ve done voice overs for videos explaining the history of Xoserve, how its is structured and run and also how its funded.  I’ve recorded 6 narrations so far with at least one more still to be recorded.  The videos are not yet on-line.

There have been other voice overs too but for reasons of commercial confidentiality I’m not able to detail their content – but these jobs and more have made for a varied and quite busy lockdown so far.

Amfori BSCI is produced by Knowledge Front
Xoserve videos are produced by the marketing pod

Chris Radley – Voice Over

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