Busy time in the voice over booth

Despite a recent slight relaxation the country is still to a large extent in lockdown but – as I blogged last month – I am fortunate enough to be still getting a variety of voice over jobs.  Of course I am very grateful for the work and for my existing clients who are currently able to work and that continue to make use of my voice over services

Corporate videos that require filmed footage are not happening at the moment: production companies have not been able to shoot video for weeks. However the recent trend towards using animations in corporate videos means these kinds of projects are still going ahead. With a laptop animators can work almost anywhere.

In this category are voice over narrations I have provided  for videos for Xoserve – the company responsible for the gas distribution network in the UK.  The videos are produced by the Marketing Pod and although not yet on-line I’ve just recorded another new Xoserve voice over for them which is the sixth in the series.

Existing clients Leka Systems with The Seedmill production company have got me to provide a voice over for a series of explainer videos detailing the operation of a new app for builders and tradespeople.

In addition Ive just recorded a further VO narration for CR Asia – this time explaining their dense loading system for catalyst vessels. That video is not on-line yet but instead you can see an earlier one about a maintenance robot that I recorded for the same company just before lock down

I’ve also been the voice over on a video for returning clients who will be using the Spaces series of flexible workspaces after the Covid-19 lockdown.

Also on-going are IVR phone messages for Legal and General and parts of the NHS and of course radio commercials.

The Spaces video is produced by Visual Assets

The CR Asia is produced by PhotoWorks
OnSite7 videos are being produced at The Seedmill
The Xoserve videos are produced by the marketing pod

Chris Radley – voice over

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