A voice over re-visited

I recently had the experienec of being in a newly re-opened shop and hearing my own voiceover drifting towards me across the showroom.
Non-essential shops in my town are re-opening following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions and so I found myself recently in a local bed shop looking for a new mattress.
While I was viewing beds in a suitably socially distanced way and using sanitizer and rolls for paper to keep the beds uncontaminated where I tried them – in the distance I heard a familiar voice – mine!
Mammoth Logo
It is a not entirely new experience to me as it used to happen a bit when I was a radio presenter. Some of the shows I presented were automated (or pre-recorded in old money) and played out by computer. As a result you could find yourself in a shop and hear yourself broadcast on the radio. This time it was actually a voice over I’d recorded back in 2016 for bed and sofa manufacturer Mammoth.
So there I was trying out mattresses while my own disembodied voice tried to persuade me of the benefits of the unique foam Mammoth use in their beds.
I was impressed to discover that the voice over was still in use. I said to my partner that it must drive the staff in the shop crazy to have my voice on a loop in the background the whole time. “Oh I don’t know,” she said “that’s what it’s like at home all the time”.  Hmm I hadn’t really thought about that before….

Here is the video with my voice over narration

Chris Radley
Voice Over

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