VO work as lockdown eases

Although I was able to keep working, recording voice overs, through the lockdown the volume of work was not surprisingly much reduced.

Now as the Government tries to encourage people to go back to working in offices the rate of voice over work coming my way seems to be starting to pick up.  I’ve actually been quite busy but for reasons of commercial confidentiality I’m not able to mention the details of a few of the more recent jobs.

Free Press Unlimited logoThroughout lockdown much of my VO work has come from clients I’ve worked with for several years. For example I’ve just recorded a narration for an opening video for the Free Press Unlimited conference in the Netherlands where I was once again working for Izzyworks.

In addition I’ve been updating some elearning modules for KnowledgeFront and Transition.  Plus every month there are always a number of IVR phone prompts to record for Legal and General.
I’m thankful for regular clients but also hope as things pick up that I may be able to welcome some new clients too in the coming weeks.

Chris Radley

Voice Over

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