Explainer VO for app for builders

A few months ago I recorded the voice overs for a series of explainer videos for a new app for people working in the construction/trade or fenestration industry. I’ve recently recorded a load of updates to the videos designed to make this new app even easier to understand and use.

It’s called OnSite 7 and the idea is to give people in the Trade a single on-line place to keep all their construction jobs organised. It’s partly like a diary to keep tabs on what jobs are happening and when and where. Also as it’s based on your smart phone you can also take and archive photos and videos with the job details to show work in progress through to completion. Plus when the job is done customers can sign off the job on your phone while you are on-site – they can also give you feedback on the job.

What’s more the way the app appears to you and how it operates can be modified in a bespoke way to reflect your favoured workflow. It’s envisaged that by being able to chronicle the work stage by stage the tradesperson has time stamped evidence to use should there be any kind of dispute or claim by the customer.
Additionally the app has been designed by people with experience and a background in construction and related work areas so they know what people in this line of work really need from an app like this.

Here’s one of the videos

The videos produced by Ray Dale at The Seedmill

Chris Radley

Voice Over

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