Varied work in the voice-over booth

I’ve had quite a busy time in my voice over booth since people came back from their holidays at the end of the summer – whether staycation or something more exotic.  To me September always has that “back to school start of a new term” feel . Clearly quite a lot of others have been getting back to something a bit closer to “normal” too. So it’s nice to be busier again with a variety of voice over work coming in.

Cadent logoAt one end of the spectrum – and rather topically too – I voiced a narration for Cadent for an information video on changes in the gas distribution network across the UK.

Another job was a voice over for an information video for pharmacists extolling the virtues and efficacy of a product used to treat haemorrhoids.

In addition – and I have not had one of these for a while (due to Covid) – a VOG job!
Voice of God (VOG) voice overs are for the pre-recorded announcements at corporate or other events. In this case it was for the National Bed Federation annual National Awards ceremony.

NBF logoBefore recording I asked the client for some direction in terms of pace and style of delivery for the voice over.
He said “Basically this is the Oscars of the bed retailer world so its needs to be big and boomy – so loud and big – just don’t go as far as the X-Factor guy!”.
Then to be more specific her referenced the World Fishing Day video on my website.

It makes life so much easier when you know what the client has heard of your work and which example got you the gig.  A specific voice reference makes the recording process so much easier too.

So – amongst other voice work – I guess recently its been a case of gas, bottoms and beds!

Chris Radley – Voice Over

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