Back to normal? Not quite..

When you work in voice overs, or any kind of voice work throat infections and colds are occupational hazards to be avoided if you can. Most years I seem to get a bad cold every winter – and more than one when my children were young – each new school term would bring a new set of germs home,

When I originally started this post on Tuesday of this week it was going to be about how things must be getting back to something like normal post-pandemic because I had got a cold – my first in nearly two years.  So if I was getting colds again then things must be getting back to normal I was going to be suggesting.  At that point I was testing for Covid every day after someone I had been working with on Friday had tested positive over the weekend.  i was testing negative: so it must to be a cold.  Right?

But then on Tuesday I tested positive for Covid and I’ve been isolating ever since.  I should have realised what was happening.  I knew anecdotally that Covid Omicron was – for many people – just like a very bad cold so I should have twigged what my “bad cold” really was.  The negative tests had fooled me

So I’ve been self isolating and have had three days of really not very nice symptoms – although in reality just the worst cold imaginable – but on steriods!   It is clearly nothing compared to what it seems some people were getting  when it started. And hopefully by sunday – if I get 2 days of negative tests  – I’ll be out of isolation.  So not great – but bearable.

So at this point – on Thursday – I’m hoping to be able to record for clients tomorrow as my throat and voice  is nearly back to sounding normal.

However – In response to my original idea for the post – Are we back to normal (as indicated by me getting a cold)? – no not really!

Chris Radley – Voice Over

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