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I’ve blogged before about UK mic manufacturer Aston Microphones. I don’t have any relationship with them but I do like the microphones made by them that I have in my studio – currently the Stealth and the Element.

When Aston brought out their first microphone – the Origin it was eye catching to look at and garnered great reviews for its sonic performance too – especially at the price point where it sounded as good as established mics of many times the price.
Their second microphone was the Spirit – and that is probably the next one I am likely to buy from them.
Aston Spirit Mic 5th Anniversary
I discovered this week that it is five years since the Spirit first appeared. To celebrate Aston have brought out a limited edition 5th Anniversary version of the mic. As ever its a large diaphragm mic with switchable polarity and a 1″ gold evaporated capsule.
This version also features a unique visual design all round the body of the mic created by graffiti artist Ant Steel.

Aston reckon the Spirit has a natural sound that avoids the upper frequency harshness you sometimes get from some mics: so it’s great for instrument recording and perfect for voice over work too.
However you might need to move quickly to get hold of one of these unique mics as there have been only 2000 manufactured.

Chris Radley – Voice Over

More details om the Aston website

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