You find out about a amazing range of things when you record corporate voiceovers.

Non slip tennis courts; a plastic used in photovoltaic cells; an iphone app that controls wood burning stoves; a machine that measures human body resonant frequencies; a pylon manufacturer in the UAE and and a video explaining how to drive fancy VW cars on rocky terrain – you name it I’ve done the voice over!.

I hope these blog posts give a flavour of the more interesting voiceover stuff that sometimes comes my way – plus some of the other things I like that I’ve come across in those moments when I’m waiting for the next script to arrive!

Chris Radley – Voice Over

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Chris Radley Voice Over Studio image

Busy time in the voice over booth

 June 9, 2020
Despite a recent slight relaxation the country is still to a large extent in lockdown but – as I blogged last month – I am fortunate enough to be still getting a variety of voice over jobs.  Of course I am very grateful for the work and for my existing clients who are currently able to work and that continue to make use of my voice over services Corporate videos read more

Neumann U87 microphone and shockmount close up Photo by Louis Radley

Voice over narrations in lockdown

 May 12, 2020
As might be expected during the lockdown things have been a bit quieter than normal – but nevertheless I have still had quite a number of voice overs to record. Thankfully I’ve built up, over a number of years, a client base of businesses that come back to use me time and time again. Of course it helps – especially now –  that I have my own professional recording studio read more

dVoiceBox Studio - Soundcraft Ghost console and monitors

Voice over with own studio

 March 23, 2020
During the coronavirus outbreak producers are frantically searching for voice over artists with their own studio. While other workers are adjusting to working from home for the first time we voice overs have been doing just that for quite a while – in my case since 2003. Interestingly many searches have specified professional standard studios: not people at home with a laptop and a USB mic. When I set my read more

Enfo video still

Voice over for a brand film

 February 24, 2020
I recently recorded a voice over narration for the data management company Enfo. It was a voice over gig I nearly didn’t get. Just after I was originally booked by the production company, just before Christmas, I went down with a horrible cold.  When I told TMP, the production company,  that I couldn’t record on the appointed day they were sympathetic but said the client’s deadline was very tight and read more

Rover Robot video still

Narration for robot information video

 January 30, 2020
In recent years I seem to have voiced quite a lot of work for industrial complexes, processes and installations. In the last year or so I’ve described factories making pylons, a new paint spray process machine for vehicles, steel making in the UAE, wind farm de-installation and a series of emergency announcement messages for an oil refinery to name but a few.  I’m getting used to a whole industrial area read more

IOSH video still

VO for information video

 January 30, 2020
When you provide voice over narrations for corporate and information videos you start to find certain sets of initials crop up over and over again. Things like “ISO” numbers and “COSHH” for anything involving hazaerdous materials. Another set I’d come across a few times was “IOSH” in reference to health and safety in the work place. Previously my encounters were in scripts refering to the body as a third party read more

London Underground Embankment station

Heart warming VO story for Christmas

 December 15, 2019
Voice announcements pop up in loads of places these days – and thank goodness they do as it means more work for us voice over artists.  Of course pre-recorded announcements are not that new and in some places have been in use for many decades – like, for example, on the London Underground. For many years I was amused by the Mind The Gap announcements at Bank station as I read more

Planet Rock logo and branding

Planet Rock – in at the start

 December 15, 2019
Digital radio station Planet Rock has recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  It’s great that its become so well established and it still going 2 decades after it first started broadcasting. Why do I care? – well back in November 1999 I presented the first show on the station – I then did 10-2 6 days a week for 4 years.  The orginal presentation team included two current presenters – Andy read more

Erik Singer photo

Voice acting – the lingual mechanics expert

 November 16, 2019
I’ve mentioned voice coach Nancy Woolfson before in these voice over blogs – I’ve found many of  her on-line voice over training videos to be very insightful and informative. She’s great for taking the less obvious approach to voice work in a way that often proves highly effective.  Anyway I mention her because she posted something recently on an on-line voice over group that caught my attention. It was a read more

Pancreatic cancer video still

Voiceover for cancer charity video

 November 14, 2019
I recently recorded the voice over narration for an animated video for the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity. The video was produced by Wurkhouse in Derry with a brief to provide an over view of the condition and symptoms in less than a minute. The final version of video is now on-line and you can see it here or on YouTube. The video was produced by Wurkhouse Chris Radley – Voice read more

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