You get to find out about a amazing range of things when you record corporate voiceovers.

Non slip tennis courts; a special plastic used in photovoltaic cells; an iphone app that controls wood burning stoves; how to decommission wind turbines; a machine that measures human body resonant frequencies; a water distribution and sewerage company in the UAE and and a video explaining how to drive fancy VW cars over rocky terrain – you name it I’ve done the voice over!.

I hope these blog posts give a flavour of the more interesting voiceover stuff that sometimes comes my way – plus some of the other things I like that I’ve come across in those moments when I’m waiting for the next script to arrive!

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Aston Microphone detail - logo

Aston Stealth – good for VO? Mic review

 June 9, 2021
I’ve recently been trying out the Aston Stealth microphone in my voice over studio. It’s an unusual dynamic microphone – that can be phantom powered – and is designed for a wide range of studio duties having 4 different voicings. I’ll refer to using the mic for music in a studio blog post but here I’ll just talk about the Stealth for voice over. The Aston Stealth is an end read more

Aston Element microphone and pop shield Photo by Louis Radley

Voice Over with ISDN? Not any longer…

 April 15, 2021
About a decade ago I wrote a post about the importance of having ISDN if you were serious about your voice over career. I took the view 10 years ago that the serious professional voice over artist could be differentiated from the rest in a crowded market by having their own studio with an ISDN connection. However even back then in 2011 I expressed surprise that we were still using read more

AT4033 microphone with pop shield. Photo by Louis Radley

Boom Radio – another thought

 March 29, 2021
Before becoming a full time male voice over in 2010 I used to be a radio presenter at the same time as  a VO.  I mentioned in a recent post that two of my erstwhile bosses – Phil Riley and David Lloyd had set up a new radio station which launched in February 2021: Boom Radio. I looked at the parallels between this newcomer and a radio station I was read more

Boom Radio logo

Boom Radio

 March 28, 2021
Two of my former bosses have launched a new radio station.  Boom Radio is targeted at the Boomer generation (born 1945 to 1964) and has been set up by Phil Riley and David Lloyd. They were my bosses when Mercia was part of the Orion group – prior to the Free Radio re-brand.  Boom seems to have been established for people who find BBC Radio 2 music a bit too read more

AT4033 microphone with pop shield. Photo by Louis Radley

Famous voice crosses the finish line

 March 20, 2021
A very select number of people get to be THE voice of something. For example the Geordie tones of Marcus Bentley: for very many years the sound of TV’s Big Brother. Or Dirvla Kirwan who was the original voice on the M&S “This not just food…” TV ads back in 2004 (and was brought back by M&S in 2020 when they reprised that so-called “food porn” campaign). Or voice artist read more

Aston Family Developer Badge

Voice Over studio adds new mics

 February 16, 2021
I have recently taken delivery of 2 new microphones for my voice over studio.  In recent years I have taken an interest in the British microphone manufacturer Aston.  They first appeared on the scene about 4 or 5 years ago with the quirky looking but very highly reviewed and rated Aston Origin.  This was a side address large diaphragm condenser mic that was affordable but offered the kind of sonic read more

On Site 7 in use

Explainer VO for app for builders

 October 27, 2020
A few months ago I recorded the voice overs for a series of explainer videos for a new app for people working in the construction/trade or fenestration industry. I’ve recently recorded a load of updates to the videos designed to make this new app even easier to understand and use. It’s called OnSite 7 and the idea is to give people in the Trade a single on-line place to keep read more

Free Press Unlimited logo

Free Press Unlimited voiceover

 October 26, 2020
A video I recorded a voice over for a few weeks ago is now on-line. I was asked to provide a voice over for a video to be shown at the launch of the annual conference in The Netherlands which hopes to raise awareness of the risks faced by journalists just trying to do their job. It’s called Free Press Unlimited. Increasingly, in many parts of the world, just trying read more

AT4033 microphone with pop shield. Photo by Louis Radley

VO work as lockdown eases

 September 7, 2020
Although I was able to keep working, recording voice overs, through the lockdown the volume of work was not surprisingly much reduced. Now as the Government tries to encourage people to go back to working in offices the rate of voice over work coming my way seems to be starting to pick up.  I’ve actually been quite busy but for reasons of commercial confidentiality I’m not able to mention the read more

Greg James photo

Voices from a radio archive

 July 16, 2020
When I’m busy with voice over work I don’t get a chance to listen to the radio as much as I would like. However I recently caught up with a Radio 4 programme I had not heard before presented by Greg James. It’s a show (as he calls it) that tries to answer the question of what you should do if you are a national broadcaster with decades of audio read more

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